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My name is Matthew J Fowler.

I am a Spoken Word Artist from the UK.
I have been writing poetry since I was sixteen years old. I started writing as a way of dealing with my emotions around living with Autism ADHD and Albinism.

Writing poetry gives me the feeling of being being listened to. It helps me understand that no matter what people do or say to you living a life in fear is not living at all. On that basis I want to be a role model for people on the Autism Spectrum like myself across the East Midlands and beyond.

In February 2020 I published my first collection of poetry called A Different Kind Of School on Amazon. Earlier in my writing journey I began attending local poetry nights around the East Midlands in Derby Nottingham and Leicester. I have also performed my work at many events across the country with a Learning Disabilities Charity called Mencap.

The more I share my skills the more people in my community love to hear what I have to say which makes me feel valued. I now want to make other people like myself find there own place in the world and that their voices have a right to be seen heard and respected.

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