• Matthew J Fowler

10 Things That I Have Learnt About Myself Recently

...Recently I have found myself on this unintentional soul search were I am reflecting alot on my mind my strengths and weakness and how I can make my life better. I have been doing alot of studying and investing in my own goals for the future and feel I am on the path to big things.

The following are 10 little pieces of advice or wisdom (what ever you want to call it) that I want to impart on you in order to help you feel better and stay motivated in life.

  1. You are stronger then what you think you are.

  2. You dont need people opinions to validate your own success.

  3. Dont rush to complete your goals progress takes time.

  4. Get rid of negative thoughts ether use them to improve or lose them..

  5. The ones you love the most give you the most energy so hold on to them.

  6. Dont be afraid turn your fear and anxiety into energy.

  7. Feed off doubt not everyone believes you can do things but that's ok use that energy to drive you.

  8. Find what you love and go for it.

  9. Having a routine is everything

  10. Stop talking about it and go for it be happy

I hope these have helped you in some way feel free to add some of the best advice you have given or received in the comments below and remember to like and subscribe see you soon.

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