• Matthew J Fowler

Albino Ambition All Or Nothing Thinking

At some point in life you realise this world is a messed up cruel place to live. There are things that happen to us things that we go through They are shit and harsh and cruel. But if we can sharpen our mind to the point we were we can be the best version of ourselves then we can achieve anything.

This last month has been hard for me I relapsed with self harm I felt unorganised and depressed and I had no way of getting out off it.

Suicidal thoughts were on my mind every second. I couldnt help but focus on what was going wrong reaching out for help in sheer desperation only to realise I have the skills I need.

So I have developed what I call Albino Ambiton. I call it that because I have Albinism amongst other things but I use my differences in a relentless way to achieve what I want to do in life.

The other day I worked on a wellness action plan and put together some steps to make sure I am ready for any storm that comes my way.

Having Albino Ambiton is about seeing what you want and having the courage to go an get. As a writer I want to be the best writer I can be and tell people about my story good and bad so that other people can live there best life.

Remember you owe no one an explanation so dont let others take your dream from you. For me it's all nothing I am taking a no quarter attiude to all the negative things in my life and changing them whilst also carrying on building them into something great .

Am I excited you best believe it :)

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