• Matthew J Fowler

An Aspie's Foodshopping survival story

Now I dont know about you but food shopping for people on the autism spectrum feels like doing P.E in secondary school on a Monday morning.

Going to a supermarket can have its stresses for people that dont have ASD but for people that do it can be even more difficult. I am writing this blog to share with you how I feel when I have to foodshop.

So I get ready leave the house and I am greeted by the busy road and walk down to the store. I can feel myself getting warm and flustered already as I head to the shop as I am trying to remember what I need to get and things.

When I arrive in store people hear music and talking as well as the sounds of the bleeping tills. I hear white noise and it can often be very bright and there are lots of people and also various smells like the bakery as you can imagine this can cause my senses to be overloaded and I get very overwhelmed. With all this happening I begin to rush and often forget what I need to get as I just want to get out of there.

Once I have got my stuff I que up make it to the front and I begin to get frustrated as I sometimes find it difficult to pack my bags and the daunting reality that there is a que building up and that people are getting fed up.

There are some things that help make this a bit bearable for one I make sure I have a list to hand for I need. I play my music on my phone with head phones when I walk around too this helps a bit with the noise these are just a few things that help but you could recommend others in the comments that would be awsome :)

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