• Matthew J Fowler

Autism and something I am working through (A reflection)

Sometimes people get the wrong idea of me. Due to my communication difficulties I say one thing and it comes out completely different to what I am trying to say and because of my worries and my over thinking. People miss the real me and I wish sometimes like saw passed my difficulties. It's really difficult when people dont know me.

Like if I could sit down and man to man talk things through and they knew how I was struggling internally things would of been alot different. I feel bad sometimes because I am so hypersensitive to things. I wish people understood that I am only reacting to the response they give me.

Sometimes without my autism I feel like people know me who dont want to know me would actually like me and be my freind if I didnt have autism sometimes. I am not as wired as people think wow that got deep I am ok but just something I am working out. :)

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