• Matthew J Fowler

Believing In Yourself

From time to time we have all had those moments when things aren't as you want them to be. That ice cold feeling of doubt sets in and you question everything about yourself it sucks doesn't it?

So in today's post I thought I would write some positive steps that you can take to help lift you from those self doubting blues.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others.

We are all on own separate journeys and thinking "I will never be as good as them" isn't going to help you on yours. I believe we should all embrace our own differences by doing that we are inspiring others remember there is nothing wrong with who you are.

2. Do something you enjoy doing even if noone else does.

I cant stress this enough believe me there are people that dont love writing as much as I do (I know shocking isn't it Lol) but something about putting words on paper gives me a thrill a buzz like no other. A wise person once said always write for yourself first and the rest will follow :) life is all about enjoying yourself and living for the moment so go out there and try new things.

3 Pracite Mindfullness

Being mindful helps me alot when I am not feeling great there are tons of mindful meditations out there that you can in the comfort of your own home on youtube one of my favourites is positive affirmations these are positive statements that remind you how important you are. They are really useful and help charge me up ready to face the world.

I hope these were useful if you have anymore tips comment below and share the love and remember you are awsome even when you dont feel like it :)

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