• Matthew J Fowler

Do what works for you

You know it's really interesting the things we cling to do as coping strategies when we are going through tough times. I feel like I am right back in school mode at moment where my main strategy was to stay quiet and write in the library and wait for it to all blow over. Writing seems to be the only thing thats soothing and is helping at the moment.

I am finding it very difficult to be there for others who are going through things due to my autism due to my inflexible thinkng patterns and keep a balanced head at the same time let's say that someone you care about is struggling you try and be there for them but you feel guilty because you couldnt be there for them as much as you wanted or they needed you and then to make matters worse they criticise something about you that you cant change. Feels like a punch in the throat!

Or when there are things going on around people you interact with on a daily basis shout at you and project there emotions on to you but your the bad guy now because you have gone quiet and reserved.

It's almost like someone is struggling to get out of a situation and see you managing well under the circumstances so they want to put wholes in your boat to see who you like it when it reality your not coping as well as they think you have just become an artist at masking it very very well.

.I just want you to know if I have gone quiet if I am not talking or seem distant. Think of it as preserving mental energy our brains process alot sensory skills and social skills to and when all of that information is spinning around your head and your trying to figure it out it can be very difficult. I am guess what I am trying to say here is do what is best for you and dont feel like you have to explain your self to anyone or your actions your inner peace is important

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