• Matthew J Fowler

Happy Mattman Independence Day

You probably read the title and thought what the heck is matt on about. But the 12th of March is a very important day for me because it was the day i found out I had autism or had it confirmed I was on the spectrum. I feel like it should be celebrated as I feel like since that day last year my life has taken a great change I feel like a super hero with new super powers and i am learning how to use them. True enough I still have my moments but they are few and far between my freinds and close family are far more acceptant of me like I am not told off when I have a meltdown or overload and can deal with myself sensory time is important to me and I dont mask my autism or hide it away anymore. I am told that I am very self sufficient and know what I need when I need it in terms of my own mind which is great to hear to. I have a lot of things coming out to do with autism awareness and my writing so stay tuned for that and finally from me Happy Mattman Independence Day :)

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