• Matthew J Fowler

January 15th – A Matt Story How To Move On From Bad Experiences

This week has been a bit of a weird one for me to explain it I have to go back to when I was 12 years old.

It was a cold Thursday afternoon on January the 15th 2001. I was just getting off the school bus near to where I lived. I had just finished a rubbish day in secondary school. Earlier in that day I had been given a laptop to help with my school work as I was registered special needs. After my day had finished, I was not prepared for what life was about to throw at me.

I got off the school bus and saw a group of five lads between 18 and 16 I think that they were from the school around the corner to were lived at the time they had the same uniform on.

Where the bus stop was were a set of shops and at first. I thought the lads were just messing around doing what teenagers do and stuff.

But they started to gather around me and follow me and I could slowly but surely feel my world close in. They looked at me like they were going to really hurt me and I have never been so scared in my life. In my wallet was about two pounds worth of five pence coins I had change from the tuck shop at school.

The change was slipping out of my pocket so before they noticed I tried to put in my pocket then the ring leader of the group whispered in my ear and looked right into my eyes as he did that he said “Give me your wallet now before I break your nose” one of them soon noticed my laptop and the thug who took my change now was trying to pull at the laptop bag. I was holding on to it wasn’t going to let it go because I didn’t want to get into trouble.

Then his friend said to try and scare me “I wouldn’t mess with him” referring to the guy who was after my bag. “He has got a knife you know”. They ran off as I began to break down in the street I ran home and they went to court and was resolved but the moment still gets me.

I am 30 years old now and one of the group who robbed me looked at me in the street started bragging to his friends what he had done to me as a kid. It brought all my stuff back in my head that I had got over. I went into a sense of shock a box that had been opened that I had shelved along time ago. But now I feel sorry for the guy after all these years people that hurt you in the past still think they can ruin your life. All he has achieved in life is to brag about attacking and robbing a 12 year old autistic boy years ago, that’s his claim to fame bravo! But he can’t brag about the books he has written the crowds he performed in front off. The training he had designed to help others no he can’t, but can I? dam right I can!

I refuse to be scared anymore of anyone people try who keep you in that mind set because they see in you what they will never see in themselves. It burns and hurts people like that seeing you live your life regardless of how bad they hurt you or affected your mentality. What happened didn’t kill me or hurt me it turned me into a monster for success and I don’t intend on stopping being a role model and living by example for people like me.

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