• Matthew J Fowler

Lost On Planet Covid.

So I havent really spoken about how lockdown and this whole covid situation is affecting my mental health and stuff. To be honest I have been struggling to verbalize it but I have managed to get it into a poem. I hope this poem is something that people that are and are not on the spectrum can relate too.

Lost on planet covid

There are some many regulations

Far to many rules.

The way my world is right now

Just isn't cool.

It is like I have awoken on a new planet.

I am far away from home.

With so many changes I am struggling.

I feel all alone!

Everyone seems fine.

But I am so uncomfortable.

I am sick and tired

Of always feeling vulnerable.

There are signs all over

But the confusion is here

I want off this ride right now

This just isn't fair

I cant live how I used to

I do not feel free

I am lost on planet covid

And I dont feel like I am me

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