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Matts Pet Peeves

As I was thinking of a blog prompt for this week I noticed that I have done a couple list blogs and offered some advice from my own personal experience. But i thought that I would a blog on the things that annoy me. We all are have them so here are mine in no particular order. Just so you know a lot of these are going to people related. I am sure a lot of people on the spectrum can relate to these.

1. When people make fun of me!

Something I have had experienced recently I was speaking to a few people that I thought I could trust and I got on well with and everything I said or spoke about they started laughing at me. I felt like I was the but of a joke that they wouldn't let me in on. This made me feel small and embarrassed.

2. Trying to explain you have Autism to someone and they don't care!

A couple of days ago I told someone who didn't know me I was autistic which is something I do to drop it into conversion. So they understand a little bit better and how I communicate but before I could finish someone else came up and told this new person "oh just ignore him he says that to everyone."

I don't wear my Autism like a fashion statement. But imagine for 29 years of your life you know somethings different about you then one day it finally clicks and you have a way of describing yourself only to be told to shut up about it. Angry isn't the word!! Weather people like it or not I have Autism and that's just apart of who I am.

3. When People Lie Say One Thing And Do Another.

Believe me this one really makes me boil a lot of people don't seem to understand that structure and routine are like oxygen for someone with ASD. I have had times when I have been told to do one thing and they tell to do another. I have noticed some people do this knowing that I have autism or see it as excuse and get me worked up or stressed out.

The bottom line is I guess that people are going to be people at the end of it all but living with Autism when people are nasty it hit harder but remember people do like you and love you and happy you exist never for that.

If you can relate to any of these then please let me know in the comments section as always leave a like subscribe if you are new and share this with others



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