• Matthew J Fowler

Meltdowns what are they and how to cope.

So today's blog post is about meltdowns and shut downs. Many people like me with ASD are affected by meltdowns.

So what exactly is a meltdown?

A meltdown is when someone on the spectrum is unable to respond or deal with a tough situation that they are in. Imagine a computer with lots of pages open on the web and lots of programs running there is too much and everything just crashes. For me that is very similar to what a meltdown is if I am faced with a difficult situation I will sometimes cry hysterically and self harm. Sucks doesn't it ;(

Sometimes alot people who don't understand meltdowns and often mistaken as attention seek or a temper tantrum which is very unfair and not true.

If you do experience meltdowns try not be so hard on yourself they can be managed and my advice would also be to talk to someone too. I also try a grounding technique were by I focus on what I can hear see smell and touch. This is a great way to get back into the moment and resett the mind.

If you have any other suggestions about coping with meltdowns please leave a comment below and as always dont forget to share the love and take care :)

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