• Matthew J Fowler

Somewhere On The Spectrum Dont Take It Literally

All my life I knew that there was something not quite the same as other people. As a youngster I saw the world differently from my peers.

I would get easily distracted at school and make what people would call funny noises. I didn’t like lifts and was scared of loud noises too like a hand dryer or a hoover they would actually hurt my ears and oh don’t get me started on thunder and lightening.

Everyone just assumed that I would grow out of it in the end but when that didn’t happen. That’s when things got what I call “interesting”. One specific trait that comes with people on the Autism spectrum is taking things extremely literally which I do a lot.

In my teens I remember seeing that something was happening on the news about the hydron collider. Rumours were going around at college that the world was going to end and we would be sucked into a black whole (sounds crazy doesn’t it).

All kinds of thoughts and feelings were going through my head I was going bubbling up for a meltdown.

After college my Mum and Dad asked me how my day was, I said nothing and looked petrified and went straight upstairs and hid in my room.

I remember my mum coming to check up on me and wondering why the hell I was hiding under my wardrobe and convincing me to come out. I couldn’t tell you how long I had been there but my parents and my brother and sister saw the funny side. As intense as is was I remember how it felt back that then but I writing this now smiling about it.

That’s what this blog is all about sharing these moving moments with you about living with ASD and ADHD. I thought as well as the writing I would share with you an open blog other than my writing.

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