• Matthew J Fowler

Remembering Your Own Self Worth

The last time I wrote a blog it was a very deep and moving one about my battle with depression. Being a very reflective person, I decided to take some time out in my head to dig deep and practice some self-care. As I was looking through my recovery plan that I have in a folder I remembered one thing. I remembered the importance of having your own self-worth. Suddenly like a fully charged mobile phone I felt empowered I remembered that I am in charge of my own destiny I can control what I do with my life and what I want to do no one else. It is so important and empowering to remember your own self-worth.

What do I mean by that exactly? Well self-worth is about putting you and your best interests forward because what this year has taught me so far is no body and I mean nobody is going to do that for me. It’s knowing when to walk away from situations that used to benefit you but doesn't anymore.

Believe it or not there are people that speak to me and keep me at arm’s length. I tell them that I want to be involved and help others I am on the same mission as them but they seem not have time to listen to me and it leads to me think do they respect me. But more importantly am I respecting myself if I keep going back to them knowing full well how they will treat me. You know what I thought to myself the only people that matter to me are my loved ones and my true friends.

That voice in my head spoke to me and said so what if that group doesn’t want you involved or gives you little input into a project so what. You are worth so much more your time is worth more. I mean ask yourself this would you still wear that same jumper that doesn’t fit you any more that is old and itchy when there are plenty of others in your wardrobe. Remember what you say and do has meaning and value and if they don’t see the value and respect what you are trying to do as a person then it’s time to leave them behind. Don’t ever find yourself in a place explaining your nature to people who will never accept you. You are important and loved.

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