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A Different Kind of School – The Story Behind the writing :)

Earlier this year I finally finished writing my first poetry collection about my time at Secondary School to motive and inspire others who were affected by bullying.

School wasn’t the nicest place in the world at all.

I can’t remember a time there when I wasn’t bullied or picked on due to the fact, I had a skin condition known as Albinism.

None of the students called me by own name I just got called “ALBINO” no one cared not even the teachers.

This caused me to be very withdrawn and had a huge effect on my confidence.

I didn’t think I would be good at anything and hardly had any support at school from the teachers.

For example, if I excelled in one area of my education then the teachers would take my support away from me completely. They were more interested in the fact that I forgotten my ruler then the fact people were being horrible to be because of the fact I had pale skin.

I went to a School that even had a special unit that supported people with disabilities but I wasn’t allowed in there because and I as quote “Wasn’t Disabled Enough” yeah, I will let that sink in right there. :@

I can’t help but think that if people knew that I had Asperger’s and ADHD then I would stand a better chance back then.

I knew deep down that I had a voice and I needed to find it and wasn’t going to give up until I had.

As sad as that sounds, this blog post is about how I discovered my love for writing.

I was in year 10 at the time and we were just discovering about poetry for our GCSE English exams at the end of year 11.

I remember sitting on the bus on the way home on a cold Thursday Afternoon and thinking what would I write about if I was to write poems like the ones that we learnt about in English?

Then It dawned on me, as I sat watching the tough bullies push there way to the back of the bus and every one of the younger kids like me try to not look in the sixth formers direction because they would throw things at me or stick rulers in their ties and take them off and slap you with them.

But when I got home It was great because I found an outlet and so I went to my room at home and just wrote and wrote until I couldn’t pick up my arm (joking btw) 😊

Finally, I had a purpose and I was on the jounery towards getting the respect I knew deep down inside I deserved.

Now every day at lunch I would book my time in at the library because none of the other people at school would be seen dead with me. The only ones that did would just try and play tricks on me or chase me because I was so vulnerable and didn’t communicate as well as they did.

I was just writing my rhymes to pass the time. I began my writing time on the school bus on the way home which was the school bus called the 244.

I have to say I took the good with the bad because out of all the school buses I had been moved from because of being beaten up or picked on or chased on the way home this one was the least threatening.

Fast forward a few years later I did my first open mic night and once I had left school I plucked up the courage to read out my rhymes in class I remember reading it and this guy who was on the same course as me shouted “This guy should be on the news!”

It was the open mics nights and that moment that changed everything and like they the rest is history. If you liked this blog then share it to others and don’t forget to comment and subscribe if you haven’t already.

Peace out Matt 😊

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