• Matthew J Fowler

The Good Things That Happend in my life In 2020 a reflection

  1. 11 years with my soulmate Lisa

Now I would never live it down if I didn't start this list by taking about this milestone with my wife to be Lisa December last year I finally popped the question to my best freind and soulmate and she said yes and this October marked 11 years of us being together love you baby!

2. I published my first book "A Different Kind Of school" on Amazon

In February of this year i put out my first collection of poetry called A Different Kind Of School and just wanted to say thanks to all those who read it brought it and supported me so far.

3. Being Diagnosed With Autism

In March of this year I finally got diagnosed with Asperger's and Adhd and thinking back on it. I feel it's a good thing and is like the missing piece of a puzzle in my mind. I understand myself alot more and see things in a clearer and different way then I have ever done. If has vastly improved my confidence and could not happier

4 kicking the bad habits and keeping them under control

One of my proudest moments I think I have achieved is giving up alcohol for five months. It helped me reevaluate my drinking and helped me improve my overall health.

5. Self love self care and mindfulness

This year I have been alot kinder to myself and developed a routine which I stick to in the morning. I make alot more time for my mental health practice meditation and have sensory time which helps me feel more relaxed and grounded.

I hope you enjoyed this count down feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and dont forget to like subscribe and share peace:)

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