• Matthew J Fowler

This is Amazing

Morning people todays blog is a bit of a positive self reflection. I wrote yesterday all about hitting the reset button to live your best life. To be honest after some further reflection I honestly feel alot more centred and alot more calmer within myself. I know who is there for me in terms of support and I know who and what will try and trip me up.

What feels absolutely wonderful is that considering how tough it's been recently was how well I handled what was thrown my way. Some areas of my life are better then others but I am just going to play to my strengths and it I doesn't work for me then there is no harm in parting ways with it and changing direction . I think especially in the times that we live in at the moment with covid and everything self empowerment is a great tool to have at your disposal.

What ever you have got going on in your life today just remember that you have people who care you have something to offer the world and that most of all it's your birth right to be who you want to be and live how you want to. Challenges will come and go but think of the obstacles you have to face as a character building exercise.


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