• Matthew J Fowler

What I love the most about being Autisic.

Years ago if you told me that I was Autistic I would have given you a funny look. As I didn't know what Auism was at all but now I am so glad I found out. It has given me a sense of identity and a sense of understanding about myself and how I see the world.

As a youngster i was just told that I had learning difficulties and that was that but no one told me anything else. But as an adult I got curious and needed answers.

Now I know a bit more about how my mind works and what makes me tick I thought I would share with you the things that I love the most about being on the spectrum.

To start with the thing I probably love the most is how creative my thinking is. It has opened up so many great opportunities and long may it continue. Being Nero Diverse sharpens my mind and helps me think unlike other people.

Its just sometimes this can go wrong and I am often left confused with people I interact with for example imagine Alice in wonderland following the white rabbit. I like where I am but when I make a bad choice I cant tell and forget how far into the woods I have ventured into.

I often notice or pay attention to things that others would just glance over which In turn means I have interesting conversations with people. It's just a case of finding the right people though because sometimes I do over talk alot about the same thing but hey no ones perfect.

In the comments what are some of the things that you like about yourself. Let me know :)

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