• Matthew J Fowler

Why Do I Struggle To Socialise. An open Diary Entry.

Everytime I go out to a public place and meet with a friend of mine and i am minding my own business. It takes a few idiots to spot that I am Albino and I have ASD. Then the barrage of insults and intimidation comes into play. Since when did it become socially acceptable for people to make fun of disabilities and right it off as "banter"

I mean let's reserve it imagine I see you and I am with a group and all of a sudden I start threatening you making gestures anything they can to get your attention. What did I do to deserve being harassed and intimidated for the way that I was born. Further more to put the cherry on the cake they get up when you move away when you use every mount of your mental stamina to stay away from them and ignore them for them to try and follow you through town and look for you and find you in the street.

This is the first time I step out my front door to try and socialise since lockdown and I am greeted with this it just isn't fair :(

I think it must be the ASD but I just think that in some situations I can socialise better then others I just wish I did have to put up with crap like that :(

I just wish there was some support I had or somewhere I could go that is none judgemental with like minded people and make some more friends.

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